What is this company about?

Primarily an indie game development company. There are ambitious plans to go beyond just games, such as productivity apps, software, and much more. Currently focusing on getting a first game developed and released which takes time. As well as providing a steady stream of content to the supporters on Patreon.

How big is the company?

Well starting out as a one person company, there are some benefits to working alone. I am a very qualified person, I have a degree in Computer Science. I am very diligent and believe in my ability to provide a steady stream of content to supporters and develop games to be released. I am unable to fully devote all my time though, because I need to make a living.

The page seems pretty empty, why is that?

Well just starting out and haven't got a product developed and ready to release that would be fun and interesting to many users.

Why become a supporter?

There are many benefits to being a supporter, go to the Patreon page. Some benefits are having access to tutorials primarily on Unity, able to get your code debugged, and more including some benefits for people that have no desire to learn coding. Money will generally go towards development, such as getting high quality assets like graphics. For more details go to the Patreon page.

Story behind the name (summarized)

A name conveys a lot, it could make the difference between being remembered and being forgotten or misremembered. There are many ways to choose a name. It was a long and difficult task, thinking of a long list of possible names, narrowing down the possibilities then choosing one. After that the domain had to be checked to see availability. This caused the biggest issue so the process was repeated until a name was thought of and passed all the checks of it being good.